Live it!

DreamsGen® Is the first and only digital dream generator. A dynamic, innovative and fun application created to offer you a unique experience through dream induction.

Our mission and vision is to empower you over that third of your life that you spend sleeping. Dreams are your parallel reality and that is why you have the right to live them as you see fit.

We have for you a varied catalog of thematic dreams of impressive graphic quality, created exclusively for DreamsGen® by the best dream illustrators around the world. The experiences can take you to beautiful landscapes, passages of literary works, meetings for adults, personal growth and much more.

We offer unlimited power over your dreams, DreamsGen will awaken the potential of your mind and will find in you the material to create incredible experiences that will raise your dream to unsuspected levels.

DreamsGen® will give you the compass but the great dream architect who lives in you will continue to be the author and the protagonist of what you dream.

DreamsGen®, Of the very substance that dreams are made of. Live it!


Dream generator: Creator of lucid dreams, will allow you with the frequent use to be aware of what you dream, to be more participative and to remember the experience. It contains a catalog of dreams in different categories.

Relaxation module: It is an audio created to direct your relaxation process. We reduce your pressures to take you to Alpha status, ideal for experiencing DreamsGen’s sensory experience.

Dream diary: Keep a daily log of dreams, it will help you to improve your abilities to remember what you dreamed.

Are you an illustrator and want to be part of DreamsGen®? Contact us at morf@dreamsgen.com Or on our social networks, send us a sample of your work or portfolio and join the experience.

Do you want a personalized dream for your brand? Contact us at morf@dreamsgen.com and we made a proposal for you.

DreamGen® dream inducer works with a series of images and words designed to be captured by your subconscious, which will process them with high probability in the content of your dream.

DreamGen® will boost your dream-related brainwaves through images and audios related to the chosen theme.

It is normal that when you start using the application do not remember your dream, this will improve with the frequent use of DreamGen®. Not only will you improve your ability to remember what you dreamed, but your dreams will be more lucid and more participatory.

Our subconscious elaborates the dream material and transforms it giving life to a unique dream which will have direct or indirect relation with the presented material.

In our forum and social networks you can share your concerns with other users of DreamGen® and our expert Dr. Morf.

It is a module of DreamGen® that will allow you to lower your anxiety levels and relax before bed and improve the quality of your dream, making it deeper, allowing you to fall asleep faster, relax and experience the dream.

Before bed and before dream induction. Especially if you normally have trouble sleeping or sleeping or if your daily routine is very hectic.

You can use it as many times as you need, with the frequent use improve your relaxation capacities and the time necessary for this process will be reduced. If after several uses the inconvenience persists you can contact Dr.Morf on our website and social networks to consult alternative tips or methods.

The dream alarm clock is a module that activates your dreams without waking you up. In the middle of the night, the dream alarm clock will emit sounds related to the dream acquired which will cause your subconscious to emit images related to the theme you chose.

The dream alarm clock is designed to sound automatically between 3 and 6 hours after the end of the dream induction.