Instructions for use


Get ready to sleep, do not forget to pick up your headphones. Get comfortable, do not forget to turn off the light. Although DreamsGen can stimulate you at any time of the day it is advisable to use it before bed …


Once lying down and if you are not relaxed, use the deep relaxation module. If you feel that you are falling asleep suspends the relaxation and passes directly to the dream, since some users fall asleep and do not get to try the dreams.


Choose the dream you want to experience from our wide catalog. Once you’ve chosen you just have to let yourself be stimulated, look at the details, discover the anchor, ask yourself questions about what you see. Remember that the more you use it the more you will become an on-line.


Disconnect the headphones and put your device on your bedside table, it will sound low in the vicinity of your sleep rem, this to remind your brain to start dreaming. Live your dream!

“While you dream it is possible that the” anchor “appears to you, this is the element that should remind you that you are dreaming, a new state of consciousness will awaken in you and you will be able to make decisions in the dream.Anchor is also auditory, In correspondence to your REM dream reminding your subconscious that it was time to dream


When you wake up do not waste much time and record in the diary your dream, the more you become more expert you will become and you will have a historical diary of the dreamed. You can also share it on social networks or with our experts for analysis


Infografia -Instrucciones de Uso