Manual of the good Onironauta

To be used with DreamsGen

The onironauta is that person who has developed the capacities to make decisions during the dream and thus live fully that moment by remembering every detail of the dream and deciding to dream night after night. For the onironauta the dream is its life parallel.

This ability to decide what you want to dream and what you do in the dream is known as lucid dreams. Lucid dreams are a state of paradoxical awareness in which even sleeping the onroneau is able to “wake up” and without giving up the rest to do actions in the dream as if awake.

“The first step is to prepare the conscience before bed, the first is to accept what we dream, at first we will not have control of what we dream and it is possible that our dreams are as a surprise or even unpleasant and experienced as alien to ourselves.

We always dream, but sometimes when we do not remember is because we do not accept what our unconscious manifests us

1.- Give yourself permission to dream, before going to sleep remind yourself that we are willing and we want to dream, in a few words to wish and give yourself permission to dream. 2.-Prepare to accept what we dream, in our dream we are all the characters and the content represents our deepest and most primitive Self. Accepting what we dream is important to increase the dream experience.

3.- Relax, free yourself from recurring thoughts and leave in your mind only the argument you want to dream.

In the DreamsGen app there is a module of deep relaxation, EYE many people fall asleep during the use of relaxation, if you feel that you are going to sleep suspends and proceeds to the use of the stimulation

4.- Choose the argument that you want to dream in the DreamsGen app, the onironauta before sleep think and decide what you want to dream, in DreamsGen we give you the possibility to choose a wide range of dreams to the letter, we are only the seed you You will be the scriptwriter, actor and director of your dream.

You can visit our catalog of dreams and realize the variety that we offer also periodically we offer new dream content so be very attentive.

5. The details are the secret. The images you see have content related to the dream that you decided, it is important that you look at the details of the images and what you ask questions and affirmations about them.

For example if you decided the dream of Travel the world and see a plane ask yourself where that plane is going or what you will do when you arrive, think: “I will travel in first class” or “I will meet someone interesting”, the details hides the dreamer .

6.- The Anchor, among the details there is an element that repeats itself, we know it as “The Anchor” this is a mnemic trace or a totem that reminds us that we are dreaming. As you dream and see the anchor then you are likely to “wake up” your conscience and you can make decisions such as scratching your nose, dancing and even walking with your partner through the streets of New Orleans.

– As you use the DreamsGen app and see the pictures say you will see the anchor in your dream and there you will know that you are dreaming. Have confidence in yourself and it will happen- – The anchor is not only visual, in the DreamsGen app we have placed a hearing anchor that we call Dream Alarm, which is programmed to activate in correspondence to your dream rem and thus facilitate lucid dreaming.

7.- Fill your dream journal, it is important that you have this custom that will become part of your biography, over time you will remember more and more clearly your dreams as well as having part of your recorded history.

8.- If you want you can share your dreams with our experts or with the community, it will be interesting to help you interpret them and see what others think.

9.- If you are interested in dreaming something “hotter” you can try our DreamsGen Eros app in the section of the website, this app is only usable through mobile devices and tablets. Be seduced by DreamsGen Eros and your dreams will be …

Live it!